Construction of a new state secondary college in the expanding area of Coomera on the Gold Coast. 

Construction of a new state secondary school on behalf of the Department of Education as part of the Three New Secondary Schools Bundle valued at a total of $180M collectively.

Built on a greenfield site at Foxwell Road, Coomera, the school was delivered for Term 1, January 2020 after a 24-month design and construction period.

The project provides education facilities for an initial total intake of 200 students for Stage 1 of this project. Stage 2 is currently in early design phase and will be delivered in August 2021 for Term 1, 2022.

Stage 1 of the new school provides the following facilities for the junior school students:

– Information Services Centre and Staff Accommodation
– Canteen, Food Court & Retail Centre
– Executive & Student Services
– Ancillary Services Centre
– Grounds Care & Sports Store
– Central Student Amenities
– Junior & Senior School Amenities
– Food Studies & Hospitality
– Junior Applied Technology Centre
– Science Centre
– Junior General Learning Areas
– Movement Studies/Student Sports Centre

DEVELOPER: Department of Education
ARCHITECT: Thelander (Part A) Open Architecture (Part B)


Photos: Lucy RC Photography