The Ridgemill team’s extensive knowledge and expertise spans the entire development process from project feasibility through to end-user occupation, and ensures measurable results for our clients’ projects every time.

We offer a range of services that can be provided as a full package or tailored to suit individual project requirements such as project management, superintendency, design management or master programming.

We work with our clients to provide a full suite of project management and superintendency services for new-build, fit-out and refurbishment projects. Working in both operational and new build environments, across a wide range of industries, our team’s extensive knowledge spans the entire development process.

Working closely with design teams in the planning phases of a project highlights specific details and challenges that may impact the project moving forward. Applying lessons-learned from past successful projects and critical thinking to provide innovative solutions we can ensure no adverse impacts to program are experienced.


Ridgemill employs an inclusive engagement approach which fosters ownership amongst stakeholders, whilst working within the client’s framework. Our team utilises a variety of proven engagement techniques to ensure comprehensive stakeholder consultation is carried out, and that project delivery is a positive experience for all stakeholders from project commencement to completion.


Risk management and mitigation is key to the successful delivery of a project. We undertake a rigorous review of each of our projects at the outset to identify potential risks and issues that may impact delivery. This allows us to implement mitigation strategies to ensure best-for-project outcomes and keep the project on track to meet time and budget parameters.


We offer comprehensive specialist programming as an integral part of our services spanning from the earliest planning stages through to commissioning and handover. Our comprehensive programs schedule every phase, task and milestone, and form a working framework from which to baseline the project. Regular status checks are undertaken throughout to monitor project progress and provide realistic forecasts. 


Our tender management service is comprehensive and covers the entire process from coordinating the tender documentation through to advertising, responding to queries, handling the receipt of tenders, evaluation, making recommendations and finally, awarding the tender. We provide a detailed rationale in support of our recommendations to ensure you understand of all the options regarding your project and how best to proceed.


Contract administration services commences with our initial interrogation of the brief, including a review of procurement options, through to final completion. We take a highly proactive stance to the management of variations, extension of time claims and the defects management period. Our team has the knowledge and experience to direct contractors towards simple, cost effective solutions.


We are focused on maximising value for money for our clients, managing design and construction activities to ensure each project is delivered within budget. Our team provides ongoing feedback regarding the project’s overall financial position including budget, milestones, committed funds, uncommitted funds, variations and forecast cost to complete the project.


Our extensive experience in negotiation, mediation and stakeholder management adds another dimension to our project management services. By identifying, and acting to neutralise project risks at the earliest time, our approach ensures potential, and actual disputes, are resolved with minimal to no disruption to the project.


If you have an existing project or a new development that we can assist you with, please contact us via the Contact Page or call our office on 07 3368 4911 and speak directly to one of our Project Managers.